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Experience It All in The County

Prince Edward County aka ‘The County’ lends itself to memorable attractions by way of its lively culture nestled within breathtaking landscapes.  Well known as one of the fastest growing vacation destinations The County is home to vacationers from all over the world.

Welcome to Prince Edward County

Craft Breweries

For those who are interested in craft beer and cider craze the County Road Beer Company, Parsons Brewing Company, Prince Eddy’s and many more are waiting for you to order a flat of their unique brews.

Arts Trail

The Arts Trail will guide you through the pristine countryside as you stop in to visit one of the local workshops, studios, and galleries.

Wineries / Breweries

The County has endless supplies of wineries and craft breweries for those who are interested in tasting tours. The area is comprised of close to 40 wineries and 25 breweries with new ones popping up almost every year.


Many of the wineries specialize in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but with an adventurous spirit, some winemakers are crafting some ingenious products with Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Gamay, Pinot Gris and much more. Wineries such as Casa Dea, Norman Hardie and Sandbanks will not disappoint your taste buds!

Island Transport

You can drive or use the preferred method of transportation in the area – the bicycle.


Let your interests guide you through the island community and indulge in performances at The Regent Theatre or festivals at The Crystal Palace.


If a more active lifestyle peaks your interest take part in recreational activities such as golfing, fishing or one of many popular watersports.


An abundance of pristine beaches allows visitors to bask in the sunlight throughout the summer months.

Located a short drive away from the cottages Sandbanks Provincial Park is the world’s largest freshwater sandbar and makes for a must-see experience like no other. Spend the day relaxing under your umbrella or take a dip in Lake Ontario.